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Welcome to Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center. For more information, please call 270-526-3368.


Morgantown, Ky. – Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center has been named to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Nursing Homes 2014 list.

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Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center has received accreditation for 2014 as a skilled nursing facility actively performing Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement activities.

The accreditation, presented by independent accreditor Providigm, LLC, demonstrates that the facility is continually assessing residents’ quality of life with regard to concerns such as pain, dignity, respect for resident choice, and quality of care problems such as whether there are enough staff to meet resident needs, weight loss, infections, rehabilitation following acute injury or illness, and prevention of readmissions to hospital.

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This week the elders were given back a piece of history with a visit from John House, who provided the elders with historical information about rifles.  The elders were able to share stories from their past about hunting and the earliest United States settlements.

The elders of Morgantown Care and Rehab Center put on their party hats and celebrated Mardi Gras with festive music and feasting on King Cake.

As we enter into the time of lent and the Easter season, Morgantown Care and Rehab Center is incorporating the emphasis of spirituality that we display in our home into the community.  Derek Cain, Chaplain at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center, has teamed up with the Butler County Ministerial Association to hold prayer circles in the community as part of the Butler County Ministry Association’s season of prayer.  During the season of prayer, the group will hold prayer circles at various locations to offer prayer for individuals, groups, or programs.  On Friday, March 6, 2015 Morgantown Care and Rehab Center will be the host of one of the many scheduled events.  The focus of the prayer circle on this date will be for community healthcare professionals.  The event will begin at 11:30 at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center with a short prayer time and be followed by fellowship and lunch for stakeholders and guests until 3:00 pm.  We invite all healthcare professionals to come out to this event to offer prayer over each other as we serve our community.  For more information please contact Derek Cain, Chaplain at 270-526-3368.

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The Huffington Post posted a story about Signature HealthCARE’s resident vacation to Walt Disney World in December 2014. To read the entire article, click here.

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Did you know that Morgantown Care and Rehab Center offers cardiac rehabilitation? Cardiac rehabilitation is a professionally supervised program to help people recover from heart attacks, heart surgery, and procedures such as stent placement/replacement and angioplasty (www.heart.org, 2015).  While in the cardiac rehabilitation program, our therapists will evaluate your needs and limitations in order to tailor an individualized rehabilitation plan of care.  Through cardiac rehabilitation, education, and support you will be able to become stronger, your body will function better, you will be educated on proper diets, learn strategies to manage stress, and receive advice from healthcare professionals to prevent your risk of future health concerns.   For more information about the cardiac rehabilitation program at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center please contact us at 270-526-3368.

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The elders at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center celebrated Valentine’s Day with a bang!  The elders began their day making valentines for loved ones, decorated the building, and participated in the annual Valentine’s Day dance.  Elders enjoyed the festivities of crafts, refreshments, and dancing to celebrate the holiday.


The elders at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s birthday with a visit from Abe himself.  During the celebration the elders shared facts and memories of the late president; as well as, posed for pictures.


American Heart Month

February has been long dedicated as American Heart Month and Morgantown Care and Rehab Center would like to use this time to provide you with some helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy heart.  Stay tuned for tips, facts, and information on how you can keep a healthy heart!


Congratulations to Phillas Morris for completing her therapy program and returning home!