Morgantown Care and Rehab

Nursing Home Pool Activities in Morgantown KY

How about dangling your feet in the water of the beautiful pool and sharing time with some of the “salt of the earth” people? That’s just what some of our residents did on a recent summer day. Our great therapy department assisted five residents to Hall’s pool to enjoy a dip in the heated water. The ball games played and the popsicles consumed were only icing on the cake.

Residents how shared in the good old summer time activity were H. W. McKinney, Ruby Hatcher, Gracie Renfrow, Nancy Brown, and Greathen Elmore. Splashing to their heart’s content and even reminiscing about times spent in the water in bygone days occupied a good part of the afternoon.

The clouds cooperated and covered the blazing sun for much the pool time.

Dedicated therapists who accompanied the group were Jack Porter, Connie Smith, Tonya, Crawford, Delana Brasher, and of course Joni Hall. They made sure everyone had a good time and was safe.

To celebrate the opening of the NFL season our different departments cooperated to host our own “tailgate party.” What a joy to see the different areas set up in the main lobby where foods were featured that accompanied the various diets. From fruit pate, to diabetic desserts to hot dogs to cookies to chips and salsa to little Smokeys – we featured it all. So many employees assisted and even brought food! many residents remarked that it was (once again) one of the best activities we’d ever offered! The “ballgame music” set the stage while the NFL played on the big screen TV. The football throw later found many flexing their muscles. Staffers had donned their favorite and most colorful sports shirts complete the scenario.

By Shirley Allen