Celebrating Fran!

We’re celebrating Fran today! She’s an amazing woman, and we want to thank her for everything she does!

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Shoutout to Hero Fran!

Shoutout to Hero Fran Belcher for receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination

I would do anything to stop this virus. I had COVID-19 in April. It is real. I watched elders suffer. I have had heartbreak of not seeing families. I have had to many tears of sorrow at our home. Our staff pulled together and worked hard; we continue to be MCRC strong. Please wear your mask, wash your hands and take the vaccine.
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Shoutout to Hero Sondra!

Shoutout to Hero Sondra Hawkins for receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination

I got vaccinated because I am a nurse and I wanted to be sure I would stay well to take care of our elders. I also do not want to spread COVID to anyone.
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Shoutout to Hero Amy!

Morgantown Care & Rehab’s Administrator, Amy Phelps, leads by example as she is the first one to take the vaccine for the day. By getting the vaccine she hopes to protect others. Making it one step closer to putting the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, for the hope of our residents to hug their families again, hope to see all of our amazing volunteers come back, and hope to see smiling faces. She took the vaccine to protect her family, her facility and her community.

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