A Holy Thursday Outing

It was a reunion day with old friends and also a day of meeting new friends. Last Thursday, April 17th, I was blessed to have the opportunity to go on a wonderful outing with a few other friends from Morgantown Care and Rehab. Where did we go? Only a few blocks away to a community Holy Week Service held at the Presbyterian Church of Morgantown.

Congregational Hymn: “No, Not One”

As I said it was a great reunion day for me. Seeing Mary Alice Black was emotional for me. I’ve known her since I was twelve. Over the years our lives and touched here and there but each time is special. I was so glad to see and hear her play the organ as well as she does. I have both of her CD’s and I told her during our visit that I enjoy them both very much. Greg Wallace, the pastor at the First Baptist Church of Morgantown, was our speaker for the day and he did a fine job with the sermon.

I enjoyed being in that old Presbyterian church. I don’t know all the history of the church but it’s been there a long, long time. It was a great day of looking back and remembering how things were and looking forward to how it’s going to be.

Since the day’s service was held at noon we followed our trip to the church with a trip to McDonalds. There I also was able to reunite with a few people I knew who worked there and I even talked with several people I didn’t know. The fellowship was wonderful between those of us who went. Roger, Myrtle, and Reajean and I all enjoyed taking at the dinner table. We broke bread together.

Today was like a field trip or school outing with all the excitement of going someplace. Eating lunch out was a refreshing change from the menu here [Morgantown Care and Rehab] – especially the pickles! Derek heard our cry for pickles and got us as many as we could eat. They were a real treat! I enjoyed a hamburger with French fries and a Sprite which was all delicious. We shared wonderful conversation at the dinner table that day.

This was a great outing, one that was planned and executed in a smooth manner. It was one of the smoothest activities of the week. It was such a delightful day … peaceful, almost perfect.

Written by: Bonnie McKinney
Edited by: Chaplain Derek Cain