Grease Party

43 years ago Grease came out and we decided to celebrate that here at MCRC! We started the day off with watching Grease and reminiscing on the times when that movie had come out. Later that afternoon we enjoyed a Grease Lightning party where all the elders received milkshakes and French fries!

Our therapy team kicked off our Grease party by doing a dance to “Beauty school dropout”. The elders and staff loved watching them and dancing along!

“Forget your troubles and dance” – Bob Marley. Our elders are always keeping it fun here with our daily dancing. When in doubt, we’re dancing it out!

Our residents are always giving us the best life advice, while we were all dancing enjoying our Grease Party & a resident stopped one of our stakeholders and said, “I might be old, but you’re as old as you let yourself feel. Live your life to the fullest who cares who’s watching at least your having fun!” MCRC is so lucky to be able to provide care to such amazing residents!

This afternoon we enjoyed a jewelry party and the ladies loved it! Our ladies always enjoy getting pampered and dressing up.

Look at all these smiles, our residents loved the milkshakes and fries at our grease party!

Sometimes all you need is a good friend and a tank full of gas!