Hall of Fame 2020

During the battle of COVID 19, Signature HealthCARE of Morgantown is proud to share the resilience, spirit, love, and joy that grows every day in our facility, giving hope and inspiration that is truly healing to the soul! The elders, staff, and Signature family could not think of a better way to thank and show gratitude to the community than by presenting an award to the community members who have done so much for all Stakeholders of Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation. Our Nursing Home recognizes individuals for their continued support in the form of prayers and the multitude of donations given by several community members. During the unprecedented and extremely trying times of this pandemic, this community uplifted our spirits and met so many of our needs. There were so many acts of kindness bestowed upon our Facility that we cannot list each one, but we want to present our Community with an honor recognizing its continued care and support.We ask Butler County Judge Executive, Tim Flener, to accept this award for the community as a whole.Tim Flener, a 1985 graduate of Butler County, following that I graduated Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science & Agriculture in 1990. I am a member and deacon at Belmont Church and thankful God has given me the opportunity to work & improve Butler County. My wife, Lisa Flener, and I owned Aberdeen Grocery for over 20 years. Throughout those twenty years I grew to learn so much about Butler County and the people in it. I have always strived to represent the very best I could to my community through my business. I’ve always tried to be there to help out those in need, support the youth in any way I could, but most importantly I tried my hardest to make sure every customer that came in walked out with a smile and everything that they needed.