McDonald’s Dining

Our senses can be very powerful, especially those of taste and smell in elder’s with dementia diagnosis. With one aroma of fresh baked bread, cookies, or a holiday meal can reflect back on childhood memories. When the elderly lose their sense of taste and smell, they often also experience a lack of appetite, which is common in those with dementia. The way caregivers can understand how these senses correlate with our care results in minimizing weight loss, improves quality of life, takes one back to their memories, and is overall a pleasant experience. For our elders in the Serenity Unit at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center, which serves elders with dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnoses, a simple change in a meal can make a world of difference. This week the elder’s enjoyed a simple meal from McDonald’s, which served as a path to enhance their senses and increase their appetite.