Elders at the Movies!

The smell of buttered popcorn filled the air as Morgantown Care & Rehab joined up with elders from Signature HealthCARE of Hartford Rehab & Wellness Center. Today we stoked imaginations as we watched Disney’s The Jungle Book at the newly operated Cinema 33 in Hartford, Kentucky. New owner, Luke Burden, was a gracious host to our group of elders and stakeholders who all thoroughly enjoyed the outing and movie.

After our escapades at the movies, elders from Morgantown enjoyed lunch at KFC and it was finger-lick’n good! Elders kept commenting on the way back home about how much they enjoyed the outing and how good it was to be out and about on such a beautiful day.

To sum up the experience and the reason why Morgantown Care & Rehab does things like this, hear what elder JC Taylor shared. “I never dreamed that living in a nursing home I would get to do all the things we do.”