Stakeholder Appreciation

Alyson Porter

Morgantown Care and Rehab appreciates the hard work that all stakeholders provide to care for the elders at the center.  An example of this was demonstrated by Alyson Porter.  Alyson recently volunteered to put in some extra time and beat the heat in order to provide care for elders as they participated in the Lifeline Home Health Alzheimer’s 5K walk/run.  Alyson works as a certified nursing assistant at Morgantown Care and Rehab Center. She volunteered to help with the event, even though she would need to return home to rest before returning to work a full night shift.  Her work proves that she not only has a passion for caring for our elders, but exemplifies Signature Healthcare’s initiative to promote wellness and activity in the community.  Thank you, Alyson, for all of your hard work and passion.