Pie Auction – May 10, 2014

What a wonderful success the Pie Auction was at Morgantown Care and Rehab this past Friday! A big thank you to all our volunteers who brought in pies and desserts to be auctioned off and also to our elders who made some of the pies. There was such a great community response as well. Many of our local politicians came out and showed their support for our elders.

At 5:30 we began with a BBQ supper and bluegrass music. The delicious BBQ was prepared by our Quality of Life department and the desserts that were served with supper were made by volunteers. Where did all the time go as we waited for the auction to begin? I don’t know but there was a lot of great conversation and visits happening between community members in attendance and our elders.

Woody Allen served as our auctioneer and so long as he kept his hands off the mic it was working! He started all of our items at a modest asking price and most of them grew and grew. There were quite a few bidding wars between local rivals but all was in good fun. Mayor Linda Keown said playfully after a bidding war with MCRC’s Chaplain, Derek Cain, “I’m gonna pray for you tonight!” Our top dollar pie was a chocolate pie made by Hall of Fame Volunteer, Iris Moore. The pie went for $130!

It was a great evening of fun and fellowship and raising funds for our elders’ vacation to Disney World. Thank you to everyone who made this evening possible and such a success. Below is a list of individuals who bid and won in our Pie Auction. All of them made generous gifts to the quality of life of our elders at Morgantown Care and Rehab. All in all the evening yielded $1,390!

Winning Bids!
Stevie Givens – Coconut Pie
Karen Hooten – Strawberry Pie
Suzanne Brosnan – Million Dollar Pie
Lorna Lee – Fudge Pie, Pecan Pie
Richard Embry – Pecan Pie
Nikki Hagan – Apple Pie
Linda Keown – Chocolate Pie
Scotty Ward – Fried Apple Pies, No Bake Cookies
David Fields – Pecan Pie, Strawberry Pie
Ricky Romans – Strawberry Pie, Sliced-Up Pies, No Bake Cookies
Logan Midkiff – Kentucky Pie
Derek Cain – Chocolate Pie
Shirley Allen – Fried Apple Pies, Chocolate Pie
Pat Lawrence – Derby Pie
Felicia Wells – Strawberry Cake
Bobby Hooten – Fried Apple Pies
Johnny Tuck – Chocolate Pie
Kay Harklerode – French Coconut Pie, Pumpkin Pie
Helen Phelps – Derby Pie