Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!

Today, Bruce White of “White Real Estate & Auction” came and shared with us about working as an auctioneer in Butler County. He told us how honored he was to help individuals and families sell some of their most valuable assets, like homes, furniture, and property, for the most capital that could be raised. He even mentioned having auctions for some of our elders and even stopped to hug Ms. Burden when she arrived; White having done some auctioning for her.

White also demonstrated his auctioneering for us by volunteering his services and auctioning off gift baskets to our stakeholders.

Several departments put together themed gift baskets to sell and raise money for our elder vacation to Disney World. Some baskets went for $100! All together we raised $515 from generous bidders. Our auction was a great success! Thank you stakeholders and thank you Bruce White.