A Trip Home

It is a sad occasion to experience the loss of a beloved elder. We experienced this kind of grief this past week when our friend Roy Jackson passed away on Tuesday, April 1st. As he passed away he was surrounded by loving and caring people, one of them being his sister Dolly Jackson who is also an elder that lives at Morgantown Care & Rehab. After Roy passed away it was soon decided that he would return home to Thompkinsville, KY to be buried in the same cemetery where all his family had been laid to rest.On Friday Dolly was accompanied by our Social Services Director, Lynn Harris, and myself to attend the funeral of her brother Roy. One by one as cousins and neighbors came to pay their respects at the Strode Funeral Home, Dolly was surpised by each warm visit. It was like a reunion. There was a nice service provided by a local pastor and many hugs and handshakes exchanged between all those gathered.

But perhaps the most special part of the trip home for Dolly and also for Lynn and I, was taking Dolly to her old homeplace. This is where she lived most her life. It’s where Roy lived most of his life too. Dolly wanted to collect some pictures and some personal momentos. As we went through the old house we found the pictures and items that meant the most to Dolly. It was a great way for Dolly to reclaim a hope and a heritage. It was a sad day but a special day. Roy went home and so did Dolly.

Chaplain Derek