Dreams on the Greens

Signature HomeTown is pleased to announce Dreams on the Greens, its first ever and first annual Regional Golf Tournament. The tournament is being held at Kenny Perry’s Country Creek Golf Course, on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

All proceeds from this event will go to Signature HomeTown’s Elder Vacation 2016, which is a unique part of Signature’s mission to revolutionize long-term care. These organized vacations give our nursing home elders the opportunity to leave their home and visit vacation spots in their region and/or around the country.

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Good, Better, Best Community Event


Morgantown Care and Rehab Center will host a Good, Better, Best Community Event on August 13, 2016 at Charles Black City Park Pavilion #1 from 4:00 PM til 9:00 PM. Activities at the event will include Slick Back Outdoors BBQ, live music from the Butler County Pickers, Oak Wood Drive, inflatables, and a t-shirt sale. All proceeds from the event benefit the annual elder vacation to Walt Disney World.

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Coffee Bar Opens at MCRC

A new coffee bar has opened in Morgantown, but perhaps not in a place that you might expect–Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center! Princeton native Devin DeWitt, an administrator in training in the Signature Health Facility, created the MCRC Coffee Bar as part of her training project.

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Gone Fishin’

Elders from MCRC and kids of our care partners enjoyed a beautiful morning out fishing. There was lots of excitement as we arrived at the water with all kinds of discoveries! Many of our campers hadn’t fished much, and for many of our elders it had been years. The kids skittered around the bank eagerly casting their rods while our elders took a more patient approach. In the end that eagerness paid off. The first catch of the day went to Casey, and boy was it a whopper! We didn’t catch many fish, but all in all we had a great morning followed by a delicious fish fry prepared by our own Benjamin Mahoney and Brandon Summers. Be sure and ask all our campers and elders about their fish tales!

Under the Big Top

Morgantown Care and Rehab recently held “Under the Big Top,” a Learning Congress (training event) for all care partners. (Read more about it HERE!)

It was a great success! Lots of fun, laughter, and meaningful moments inspired professional and personal transformation.

MCRC Begins Restore Me Program

Signature Hometown is proud to announce that the 60 homes they operate have recently launched Restore Me (click HERE to read a news article about it), a new twist on restorative nursing. As a part of that launch, they have kicked off a new program entitled Race Route 66. In this unique competition, elders are going to walk the equivalent of Route 66, which is 2,451 miles. This will occur over the course of the next few months and end in November or December with a winner!

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Telling Our Stories: Randy and Brenda Felty

A person-centered approach is important to us at Morgantown Care & Rehab when we consider our quality of life programming. Elder Randy Felty and his wife Brenda tell us how important our monthly men’s poker night is to them.

Elders at the Movies!

The smell of buttered popcorn filled the air as Morgantown Care & Rehab joined up with elders from Signature HealthCARE of Hartford Rehab & Wellness Center. Today we stoked imaginations as we watched Disney’s The Jungle Book at the newly operated Cinema 33 in Hartford, Kentucky. New owner, Luke Burden, was a gracious host to our group of elders and stakeholders who all thoroughly enjoyed the outing and movie.

After our escapades at the movies, elders from Morgantown enjoyed lunch at KFC and it was finger-lick’n good! Elders kept commenting on the way back home about how much they enjoyed the outing and how good it was to be out and about on such a beautiful day.

To sum up the experience and the reason why Morgantown Care & Rehab does things like this, hear what elder JC Taylor shared. “I never dreamed that living in a nursing home I would get to do all the things we do.”

Celebrating EMS Week

On Friday, May 20th, Morgantown Care & Rehab celebrated National EMS Week with a breakfast for all our local EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers, and first-responders.

In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities. At that time, EMS was a new profession, and EMS practitioners had only just started to be recognized as a critical component of emergency medicine and the public health safety net.

In Butler County today we know that our EMS is an essential public function and a vital component of the medical care community. Without a local hospital, we are often dependent on emergency medical services to treat and transport our local population. On any given day our EMS personnel helps save lives by responding to medical emergencies, including heart attacks, difficulty breathing, a fall or accident, strokes, drug overdoses, and other acute illnesses. Our local EMS team may provide both basic and advanced medical care at the scene of an emergency and en route to a hospital. In some of the most difficult moments that our Butler County community faces, our EMS practitioners care for people’s medical needs and show caring and compassion to the patients in their care.

For all this and much more we are thankful for our EMS team! Morgantown Care & Rehab appreciates all that you do for our community!